Posted on 18-Feb-2020

IMstrong Coaching with Ibb

What is the perfect diet for you? What one will help you reach your goal AND maintain your progress?

It's not keto.
It's not high carb.
It's not the Whole 30.
It's not Paleo.
It's not tracking your macros.
It's not vegan or plant-based.
It's not carb cycling.
It's not low carb.
It's not fasting.
It's not Weight Watchers.
It's not a sugar-free diet.
It's not "eating clean."

It's ALL and NONE of them.

You see, compliance is the #1 element necessary for you to achieve your goal and maintain your progress, regardless of the eating style.

Lots of people find success in all of these styles of eating....

Lots of people fall flat on their face with all of these styles of eating....


Because some people chose the method that happened to provide the highest probability of long term compliance and adherence.

When you combine compliance + consistency = you get RESULTS!
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